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LucyLucy House

I am a mummy to three lovely children and after two difficult birthing experiences I had a beautifully peaceful third birth with the use of Hypnobirthing. I  quickly become very passionate about sharing my positive experience and decided to learn to teach Hypnobirthing so that other mothers could experience how beautiful and calm birth can be. My background is in personal development, specialising in empowerment workshops for women. I then went on to study to become a doula and antenatal teacher, and I am now lucky enough to be working together with my best friend Gabriella, here at Motherbirth.



Gabriella Molina

I am a mother of four beauties, and after my third I began to train in midwifery.  During my time of study, I realised my calling was in doula work. In being a doula I have found I can be hands on and close to the mothers I work with, on a more personal level.  I have since studied to be an antenatal teacher alongside my childhood friend and business partner, Lucy.

I come from a creative background where I specialise in crafting baby and child related goods.


Kery-15Keri Hartwright

My name is Keri and I am an experienced children’s nurse and mum of one. I am passionate about supporting new mums and attempting to bridge some of the gaps that exist in accessible postnatal advice. I established Keri’s Baby Business to try and pull this all together.  I can deliver first aid courses to new parents in the comfort of their own home.  On top of this I am able to offer advice and support around weaning and sleep. I have recently completed my baby massage instructor training which means I get to give beautiful babies a cuddle as well!


MariaMaria Yasnova

In 2009 I started on a journey which became the biggest passion of my life (after my amazing husband and our two darling children): supporting mothers and mothers-to-be on their own breastfeeding journeys as a professional lactation consultant.