We are Lucy and Gabriella, founders of Motherbirth. We believe that all women, from all walks of life, should be supported during the transition into motherhood.

It takes a village …

As a team of doulas, antenatal teachers, Hypnobirthing instructors, lactation consultants, paediatric nurses and most importantly mothers with many years experience, we have recognised that there is a fundamental element missing within our modern day culture; we have gradually drifted away from the ethos that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’  In modern western society, where both parents often work, families are sometimes situated far away, and life is busy, we may not have access to the ‘village’ we need.

We believe that every woman and her family should have access to the type of support that was once endemic within society.  We are passionate about being inclusive of all families and their journey into parenthood regardless of their sexuality, gender or religion.